Our Team

Over the last few years the team has grown with each addition fitting in and becoming part of the family.

Each person is as valued as the next and understands the importance of their roles.

Don't get us wrong, like any family we have our 'disputes', but in the end we solve the problem, work them out and more importantly, if there's been a miscommunication we figure out why it happened and how we ensure it doesn't happen again.

"I wouldn't change a single member of my team, each one is hardworking and take real pride in what they do.  I've been lucky to be introduced to people I knew would be perfect for their roles and I've been even luckier that they wanted to come and work with me"

                                                                    Simon Woodward, Managing Director

Our Team Image
Simon Woodward
Managing Director
Lee Willingham
Contracts Manager
Alison Lindley
Procurement and Asset Manager
Melanie Crossland
Admin Manager
Andy Goddard
Estimating Manager

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